How to Turn Off Online Backup Nags

I bit the bullet, and installed CB 4. Now, every time I start the computer, I get a popup screen that wants me to log on to Comodo Online Storage. In an effort to get rid of it, I just logge on, then close it, but the screen still appears, AND I now have a new “DRIVE” on my system named Comodo Online Storage. Assuming that for the present, I do not wish to actually use any of my online storage space, is there a way to “turn off” both the online storage drive, and the popup screen that wants me to logon to Online Storage? I know I can kill the popup with a registry edit of the “run” key in the registry. But is there a way to turn this stuff off within the program itself?

You can uninstall Comodo Online Storage program in Control Panel.



Thanks. I may do that. For the moment, I’ve deleted the item from the RUN key in the registry, and that seems to have eliminated both the logon popup, and the Online Storage “drive.” Am I correct in my assumption that if I decide to use online storage later, I could still do so by starting the program and logging on, or would I need to restore that registry entry? The entry I removed was for cosclient.exe, which was in the HKLM\Software\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key.

You are correct.
You don’t need to restore the registry key to use Online Storage.


Emanuel-- Thanks very much. That resolves that issue for me.