how to turn off Comodo DNS Server, and switch back to my providers one?

when I installed Comodo Firewall last, I was asked if I would like to activate the Comodo DNS servers for web browsing.
I agreed, but I have changed my mind now, since I see no advantage.
I want to return to my providers DNS servers.
But I cannot find that function in the comodo settings.

Please help me?

It’s very easy to do. View all your connections through control panel, right click on the one you use to access the internet and click properties. Then in the list of items choose Internet protocol or TCP/IP and look at it’s properties. Click on the button that says “obtain DNS server address automatically”, click OK and then you will be using the DNS servers that your ISP provides. (which in most cases will be the fastest ones you can use)

Thank you kindly, Link!

thanks for your help!