How to turn off automatic system rules?

I am new to CPF, but not to firewalls - I have been at it since the days of Atguard. I must say that all looks impressive so far - except, I keep getting CPF automatically create new ‘allow all to all’ rules for ‘svchost’ and ‘system’ every time I reboot.

IMO, this opens holes that I am not at all comfortable with. I do not seek justification that these rules are safe, but rather, how to disable them. I would rather manually create my rules for these. How to do?


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If you put the Firewall in “Custom” policy only applications which are listed in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application Rules should be allowed any access.Any app not in the rules should give you a pop up alert.
One thing to bear in mind is that “Windows Updater Applications” includes svchost so you may need to tinker with that rule to get it how you want it.
To manually create your rules highlight the app and “Edit”,then add rules.


Thanks for the reply. There is still a problem.

I had it on ‘Custom Policy’ from the start. In Firewall/Network Security Policy/Application Rules, I delete ’ System’ and ‘svchost’ applications and their rules. After restart, CFP automatically adds these apps and new ‘allow all to all’ rules.

Regarding Windows Update Applications in Firewall/Network Security Policy/Application Rules, it is empty - no rules present.

Am I missing something?

Check under firewall/advanced/firewall behavior settings/alert settings. Set alert level to high, make sure the “enable alerts” are all checked.

Thanks sded - that did it. I actually moved it up to very high for better control of rules. All is good now.

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