how to trust an Unknown application on a HIPS Alert?

just started using Comodo again after like 5 months of not using it and I cant seem to find the “trust this application” check box whenever a HIPS alert pops up.

I have HIPS and Sandbox enabled.

its gets really annoying when I have to click allow on all the alerts… I just want to trust the application since I know its safe.

Click “Treat As” and then “Allowed Application” in the HIPS alerts (also tick “Remember my answer” if you want your answer to be permanent rather than session only)

yeah thats what I do but then I keep getting alerts for the same application.

What are the alerts in question about?

when its trying to modify a registry key or use Dns service to connect to the internet… the usual alerts ppl get.

I remember there was an option to trust the application in earlier versions I think it was v7… Idk why they removed it…

Edit: I think I figured it out… just disabled the HIPS and the Unlimited Access alert popped up so if you disable the HIPS the behavioral blocker pops up… and there is the check box to “trust the application” :smiley: