How to transfer my bookmarks from CD to Chrome?


My question: hwo can I transfer all of my bookmarks from CD v9 to Chrome v9?


I’m guessing they’re the same format. Have you tried just copying and pasting the file from one profile to the other?

Hey! I found this ‘Help How-to’ to be perfect on Importing AND Exporting Bookmarks using the Comodo Dragon Browser. This will keep you from having to Sync your browsers, which I think is more complicated.

Importing And Exporting Bookmarks

I refer to this all the time. You can download your bookmarks as a HTML file to your Document File, then using another browser, you can click on the file to use with your other browser. You can also download this file to a USB Flash Drive to take with you and use on a different computer.

I hope this helps answer your question and gives you the tools to doing this. 8)