How to transfer CIS3 App Rules to CIS4?


I know this must have been asked before…

But im still wondering how to to transfer CIS3 App Rules to CIS4?

I used to use the EXPORT function in CIS3, under MANAGE MY CONFIGURATION

to backup my settings and app rules

but how to import them in CIS4??

I dont want to start all over…


We are not sure that would work. It looks like there is a decent chance it might work. Only try at your own risk

Moderator Ronny mentioned a week or so ago he would try and test this. But haven´t heard from him about it. He must be busy with other things.

so there’s a big big chance that anyone who’s migrating to v.4

will LOOSE all their settings!!!???

Going by the file size and type (Both default Proactive Configurations) yes I would have thought the V4 would have been bigger.

If you are willing to wait there is suppose to be a program update available for V3 to V4 in the next few weeks, as far as we have been told.


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ok will do thx!!!