How to temporarily disable Comodo firewall free?

I’ve granted PLAYON (mediamallserver) access, but playback of music and video is choppy. I had to uninstall Comodo (because I didn’t know of these forums) and now it works fine. In the short time I’ve used Comodo I love it but not if it interferes with PLAYON MEDIA SERVER.

I’m gonna try this again, how does one temporarily turn off the firewall short of uninstalling it again?

Also, any recommendations to help this program work better with Comodo?

Windows Vista user

Thank you!

To temporarily disable the firewall click right on the CIS icon in the systray and under Firewall Security Level choose to disable. Keep in mind CIS will not notify you every 10 minutes or so that it is switched off.

Can you tell us more about your network set up? We want to know what type of internet connection, what source(s) are you downloading from or uploading to, are the problems on the local network or on the web or with both…

I don’t know what to make of most of this, I’m not real tech savvy but here goes:

Running wireless to PS3. Playstation wireless signal shows 100% at between 9-15 Mbps down (cable internet) if that helps you any. Playon is on my PS3 and the choppiness comes and goes when playing music say from Shoutcast or Netflix or even say ESPN3. When I first installed, I gave Mediamallserver full rights.

Problems on the local network or web? No idea, how would I find that out? =-(

Do I understand correctly that you are streaming from your PS3 to your desktop computer?

Correct and if it helps any, my ping varies from 8 to 12.

To what program are you streaming the content coming from Playon server? Can you describe the rule you made for the incoming traffic? Describe in the following fashion:

Source Address:
Destination Address:
Source Port:
Destination Port

Can you show me screenshots of your Global Rules and the firewall logs (View Firewall Events)?