How to temporarily disable CAVL?


Searched for the answer but did not find it on this forum or on Google.

I am having trouble installing a program and to be sure the trouble is not due to CAVL, I would like to disable it for a few minutes. However, I do not see a way to do that.
Does anyone know how I can shut off real-time scanning so I can install a piece of software?


Hi nutrobion,
I do not use Linux sorry, but does the help file assist at all for what you are trying to achieve?
If you are certain it is safe temporarily disable or add to exclusions might help.
Scanner Settings

No, sorry. I looked in the help file first, but found nothing about temporarily disabling CAVL.
I find that strange…don’t you? Normally AV makers tell you how to disable their products but hide the info that lets you uninstall them. LOL!

Did you mean a setting to re-enable automatically (Timer function) after a short time?
Otherwise you can disable manually and re-enable manually on the slide bar going by the help file, or am I missing something?
Real Time Scanning