How to temporarily block without popup everything not in rules?


Is there a way to suppress popup alerts and automatically block what is not already allowed ?
In Silent Mode, no popup is displayed :-TU but everything unknown is allowed :-TD

The only way I’ve found to do that is to open CIS user interface, go to both Firewall and HIPS settings, tick Do Not Show Alerts twice, select Block Requests twice.
Too many clicks.

In old CIS versions, when setting a password it was possible to also suppress alerts: everything unknown was silently blocked.
This is no longer possible with password options.

About my config:

  • only Firewall and HIPS enabled
  • Firewall: custom ruleset + create rules for safe applications
  • HIPS: paranoid + create rules for safe applications

Firewall/HIPS Settings:

• Do not show popup alerts - ‘Block Requests’

Well, as I wrote, this is what I currently do.
And it’s a tedious set of actions.

Hello rolcom,

Thank you for reporting.Let me know your reported CIS version please?

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I’m on v12.1.0.6914

Hello rolcom,

We pleased to inform you that new version of CIS has been released.So could you please check with this version of this issue in comodo v12.2.2.7036 and update me.
Have a nice day!

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