How to temporaly deactivate some rules?

How can I temporaly deactivate some application or global rules?
(for example - in global rules I block broadcast TCP and I need to enable it, but i don’t want to delete and recreate this rule in some hours when I need to block it again…


If I’ve understood right, what about, instead of deleting the rule, editing it and change from “block” to “allow”–and back to “block” when you want it again?

You could set application rules to ask and if you have a BLOCK IP In/Out ANY/ANY in your global rules you can move Allow rules past that pointto disable them.
If you don’t have a BLOCK IP In/Out ANY/ANY rule in your global rules you can create an ALLOW IP In/Out ANY/ANY as your last rule and move all block rule you wish to disable after that.

That’s will work in most cases, but there are some features.

  1. Switching logging flag
  2. For applications (trusted/blocked) - I have to add high priority rule (like gibran wrote)
    It is so “native” :slight_smile: