How to: take screen shots, check BSOD info.

Maybe you don’t need external software if you want to create a screen shot, here are some easy steps you can follow:

  • When you are sure you want to take a picture about the current case, press the Prt Scr (aka. Print Screen) button on your keyboard.
  • Once the screen is saved, you need to load the picture into an application, let’s use the good old Paint program:


  • Run…
  • mspaint
  • Hit Enter or click OK
  • Now you’ll need to Paste the screen shot into the application: you can either use the menu just press Ctrl+V buttons

Usually, we don’t need colors, so you can create much smaller images - in size. Also, you can resize&crop or crop the picture, so you can cut out all unnecessary parts: to resize&crop in the same time, first drag the picture and align it to the left and up, so you’ve just cut the unnecessary parts from the left/up. Now you need to go to the bottom-right corner of the picture and click the corner point: drag it upwards, to the left (you’ll cut the unnecessary right and bottom parts).

I suggest you to save your picture in JPG format, it is an already compressed picture format which got small size, and avoid using BMP format (uncompressed, bigest size).

[b]BSOD[/b]: IF the minidump creation is enabled, you can find your .dmp files at C:\Windows\minidump (C:\Windows\ equals with your system path). Let's check it: 1. Start 2. Run... 3. sysdm.cpl (click OK) 4. Special tab 5. Check startup and recovery At least the 64KB file is needed, so check it from the drop-down list. If automatic restart is checked, i suggest a clear (so you can read asap what happened /if you can't log in next time, this is quite useful/).

Wanna see what was the text of the BSOD? I’d get the freeware BlueScreenView from Nirsoft. Use Options|Advanced Options to specify non-default paths and Options|Lower Pane Mode to switch View.