How to survive Comodo Anti-Viruspyware

Well, everything was nice, software installed, system restarted after virus definitions update (unseen in todays antivirus software and the first thing I would like to be removed).

Feature Request:
Let me know what is happening during update process. I want to see names of files downloaded, see some progres indicator, etc… Remove unnecesary reboots.

Then, another update, this time a 10MB set of files. Weird, because I downloaded a software about 20 hours ago, and I cant believe there is a need for 10MB update that quick.

Feature Request:
Keep version for download current. Nobody wants to download 10MB after 24MB.

So I quit it at 20th of total 59 files. Later, when I the update started again, I see that the download starts from the begin. My previously downloaded 20 files were ignored.

Feature Request:
Preserve previously downloaded files.

It works some time, and after a while - severe performance hit. Trying to shutdown. I did? I did not? I did? I did not? Dont know. Reboot… Empty desktop, damaged registry and damaged profile.
Several reboots, and nothing. Profile is DEAD.

Starting in safe mode, trying to deinstall. Comodo instalations are dependent on a Windows Installer Service, which is shut down while working in safe mode so you can not uninstal it. ■■■■…

Boot from XP CD ROM, start recovery console, where glorius DISABLE command can be used to disable services. So I disable the “Comodo Anti…” service, reboot, TA-DAA, I’am on line again.

Feature request:
Do not use Microsoft Installer, at least not while the software is still unstable.


I’ve reported the problem earlier and i also wonder why to download a “stable” version which has this bug but don’t get angry. An easier/faster solution:

  1. boot in safe mode (press F5 while boot);
  2. start
  3. run…
  4. services.msc
  5. search for “Comodo Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Service”
  6. double-click it
  7. modify startup to “Disable”
  8. press OK
  9. reboot

Now you are in safe, you can use normal boot and can either uninstall or wait for the fix (i REALLY wonder why there’s no 1.x fix for this…), the latest betas are better.
You should also try to start the service again - follow the steps above but shwitch to auto/manual then start it - which may cause a short 99% CPU usage but only for a short time (when i’ve tried it, there was a 1-2 minutes freeze on an 1GHz machine) . If you got a firewall and/or any real-time scanner, try to disable them for two reboots.

The messages in this thread make me REALLY nervous!

I’ve just installed CAVS version on 3 PCs, and so far, the only problem any PC has had is that one of them (a 3- or 4-year-old Dell Dimension Desktop running Windows XP (probably Home Edition) never seemed to finish its scan after 23 hours! There’s NO way there’s that many files on that PC! CAVS apparently found no infected files, so I stopped the scan and then exited the program by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

But I still see CavSN.exe using almost 100% CPU time. And that PC takes forever to launch MS Word (the user wants to open an existing document to type a simple letter!). So I right-clicked the CAVS tray icon and chose to quit AntiVirus, and then exit CAVS completely. But when I run Task Manager I also see these 2 other processes still running: Cavasm.exe and CavAUD.exe . Is it safe to stop all 3 of these processes, and if yes, is there any particular order in which to stop them?

I thought CAVS was reliable and safe to use! If it’s not, why in the world is this company offering it and braggin about how good it is?!?!?!? I am REALLLLLY afraid to reboot and ALL our PCs now. Can someone please help explain this to me?


Consider trying out the current v2 beta in the beta corner of the forum. Its much stabler and supposedly faster (I haven’t tried yet…gonna soon though :D)

The CAVS 2 beta is a vast improvement over the 1.1 version in all respects. I would recommend you try it.
With regard to uninstalling Beta 1.1 I would recommend you use Smarty Uninstaller Pro 2006 to remove it as this uninstall software clears up many registry entries that can cause problems with uninstalling 1.1. The software is free for a 15 day trial period and it has saved me much grief recently.


Thanks to those who replied to my post. If CAVS 2 beta is so much better than the unstable version (which I downloaded and installed only a week ago), why isn’t v.2 beta what users get to download from the web site?!? Why does the company knowingly offer software that they’ve replaced with an upgraded and more stable version?!?

Thanks for the tip about Smarty Uninstaller Pro 2006. I wonder, however, if I’ll be able to uninstall CAVS if CavSN.exe, cavasm.exe, and CavAUD.exe are still running. I’ll feel more confident about this when someone in the know here tells me it’s ok to end those processes via Task Manager.

Read this thread, the advice from Little Mac is excellent and worked for me to give my first successful uninstall of 1.1. Smarty uninstaller worked for me too but I know many have had success with Little Macs method so I would try that first.,4755.0.html

I wish they would take 1.1 off the website too, I know there are many people who use version 1.1 without problems but I wonder how many will have trouble removing it completely when they come to upgrade. Perhaps when the new beta is finally released as a final version Comodo may post some advice for removing 1.1.

Meanwhile, try the advice in the thread above and give the latest beta a try, it is well worth the effort.


I wish they would take 1.1 off the website too, I know there are many people who use version 1.1 without problems but I wonder how many will have trouble removing

Hmm…I’ve been using Beta 1.1 since its launch in May 2006. Apart of me will feel sad to see the demise of beta 1.1. It has worked so well for me during these past nine months (knocking on wood, as I post this reply). I can only expect that the final version, when release, will be above reproach in every aspect. I’m thinking of having a “pity party” and inviting all Comodo Forum Members to join with me in bitting farewell to Beta 1.1. and share my sorrow. Will Beta 1.1 have a proper burial? Will many be in attendance at Beta 1.1’s funeral? How will Beta 1.1. be remember? It just might be that Beta 1.1 might be reincarnated. (:AGL) (:LGH) (:SAD) (:TNG)


I have never heard of any software company offering a 1.x beta. Most software is beta before it’s released as #.0, and then minor fixes (or even fixes to correct severe bugs) cause versions #.1 through #.whatever . Why is version 1.1 still referred to as a beta product?!?!?

Comodo has also just finalized a tool to completely uninstall CAVS 1.1, in order to avoid the problems caused by the Installshield install package. It is available here:,6152.0.html

Kevin, I’m glad CAVS 1.1 is still working for you.

CCCOA, I don’t know why CAVS 1.1 was/is released as a “Beta;” hopefully one of the Staff will answer your question.