How to stop two Comodo V5.10.xxxxx splash screens on booting up

When my computer boots up and Comodo starts up the first thing I see is a splash screen “COMODO Internet Security Premium”. I click the “Do not show this window again” and next thing I see is another splash screen "New Network Detected … ". I click “I am at HOME” AND the “Do not detect new networks again”.

The next time I boot up I go through the same process again and again and again.

How do I convince COMODO that I do NOT want to see those messages again? Is there a registry setting that will get rid of them?

In searching the help forum this seems to be an on and off recurring problem for at least 6 years. For me it started when I got the latest CIS V5.10.22xxxxxx

OS is Windows 7, 32 bit

Hi olrowdy01,
Using Regedit with Caution you could check,

Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and make sure there is only one Comodo Internet Security entry and make sure it has a data value like below.

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” -h

If there is more than one entry for Comodo Internet Security one would need to be removed, please use extreme caution while using Windows Registry. Kind regards.

To get rid off the network alerts disables the three settings that can be seen in the attached image in the red box.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ll combine my answers to both suggestions in this post.
The registry setting is OK. I did have a double entry after one of the upgrades that came out recently but I was able to go into the registry and correct it.

At one time I had set Firewall Behavior Settings so the 1st box was unclicked and the next two were still clicked. I went in and unclicked the other two, clicked OK and then exited Comodo and rebooted the machine.

Both splash screens appeared and when I checked the behavior settings all three were checked!! After unclicking them and rebooting a few times it seems that they are staying unclicked and the splash screens are gone (maybe for good? :wink:

BUT the 2nd time I rebooted I got a new error msg that has “Format/version of your active configuration seems to be old!” etc etc. I clicked “Yes” to reconfigure and the message went away but nothing else seemed to happen. After a bit I rebooted again and the error msg appeared again. This time I clicked “No” and now that message seems to be gone (maybe for good? :slight_smile:

Computers just aren’t perfected yet. :o

Thanks for the help guys.

Hi olrowdy01,
Let us hope they are gone for good. :slight_smile: