How to stop this pesty wartune pop up

No doubt by now, this blanket coverage of this pop up advertising is getting really really annoying.
Almost every web page has it, google something and it’s there in full color

The ad or popup or this ridiculous new craze is glaringly BS.
I don’t use my PC for games at all.

The ad, pop up is that one that say’s “WARTUNE - JOIN ME IN BATTLE - PLAY NOW”

I mean, Pi******* Off !

How do I block this anyone please.

I use Comodo Dragon and my CIS is up to date.
What do I have to do ?


You can use the Privdog :-TU

it is Comodo product 8) it can block the pop-ups

if it cannot please report the website link that this annoyin’ ads appear

I think it will be helpful for you

Hi Lazlo and yigido,
You would have to set the PrivDog extension to ‘Block all Ad Networks’ under threats in the options panel, because this ad is delivered by AdTrustMedia.

Kind regards.

It imay also be worth to check your computer for malware following:
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