How to stop these logs? [RESOLVED]

How Can I stop Comodo from logging all this? If you need more screen shot just let me know.

It’s only a few days since I started using a firewall and I am having a hard time trying to understand all these rules and how to decide about it. When a pop up screen comes, most of the time I don’t know if I have to allow it or block it.

Please help me decide if I have to delete or block this 2 rules that I don’t know about. Are these 2 rules causing all these loggings?

Your IP address is That’s the destination address of all those log entries.

If so, that log is showing inbound traffic, and is being caught by the Global Rules “block&log” default.
Your Application Rules are for traffic outbound from your machine, and so aren’t the cause of the logging.

The log is showing connection attempts on ports 445 and 135. These are the Microsoft Networking ports. You’ll need to block these, but without doing any logging.

Click Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy, Global Rules, and then Add a rule that looks like this:

Block (do not log)
direction In
source any
destination any
source port any
destination port, a set of ports: 135,137,138,139,445

and then move that rule to be before the default “block&log everything” rule.

That covers all the Microsoft Networking ports, beyond just the 135 and 445 that got logged.

Your IP address is
Yes this my IP address.

I can’t enter the number of ports. What did I do wrong? If I click on “set of Ports”, this is what I get:

You’re doing fine. I gave an incomplete description of the steps involved, so its my goof.

To add a set of ports, click Firewall → Common Tasks, My Ports Set. Click Add “a new port set”, which will prompt you for a descriptive name, which will be used as a tag later. I’ll call it “MS Networking Ports”.

That tag name will show up on the list of port sets, at the bottom of the list, with a line under it that says “add ports here”. Click that “add ports here” line to highlight it, and then right-click, and select Add. We’ll do the ports one at a time. Select a single port, enter 135, and Apply. That 135 will now show up on the list of ports, in place of the “add ports here” line. Highlight the 135 line, right-click and select Add, a single port 137, and Apply. Repeat for 138, 139, and 445. Tedious, but it gets there.

Now, back to that Global Rule, with the destination port, select “a set of ports”, and you should now have that descriptive name tag you entered present on the pull-down list. Select that, and that list of MS networking ports will now be associated with the rule.

A few more steps to go thru, but the end result will stop logging all those packets trying to come into your machine.

The logging stopped.

Thank you so much.

Good to hear the logging stopped.

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