How to Stop Sandbox Alerts while keeping the same level of security?

Hi there! I downloaded and installed the free version of CIS. I kinda like the level of security it provides.
My only minor issue (and i’ll be grateful if i can get over this) is that it keeps popping up every now and then.

Is there a way I can automate this completely. Let it know what kind of programs I want it to allow and what not?

Thank so much!

This Should square you away . . . .

Hi ewingking,

if i understood you correctly there 3 ways to do this, choose the better way for you in terms of security and usability:

1- Go to this link and submitt your files. They will be manually analyzed by comodo staff and if they are safe, they will be included in the safe list of comodo (and automatically pass from untrusted files to trusted files), and from there on you won´t get any more pop ups. This is the safest way but it will take some days to be analysed.

2-If you are 100% your computer is clean go to Defense + settings - general settings - and choose training mode or clean pc mode, do the same in the firewall. Once again be sure you pc is clean, normally it is only used after a clean installation of the operating system. Read this first and remember to switch back later to safe mode .Comodo Help and Comodo Help.

3- Once again if you are 100% sure you are not infected. Go to unrecognized files and the files you want to run without pop ups move them to trusted files and the ones you want to block to blocked files . See screeshot.
Or every time the pop up of sandbox appears click do not isolate it again (screenshot), and that program will go to the trusted files.

Hope this will help, i do not know any other way.


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Thanks sAYER and Peter5!

I’m closing this topic as it has been clearly addressed.