how to stop logging curtain D+ events (v. 5.12)

I relation to one app (weather watcher) I blocked an D+ event. Now, when the app connetcs to internet, a lot of blocked things are logged in the D+ Events list. So it gets to full.
Is it possible to stop logging these events - so, the commad stays “block” but do not log?
In the firewall settings there is a checkbox to enable/disable the logging but I dont see this in the D+.

What did you block and why?

install hook, wanted to change something in registry about the Proxy.
I was and I am still not sure why this, so I blocked it and the appication works

PS: see the screenshot

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Sometimes you need to think this way:

I want to use this program. Its usefull and loaded from a trusted source.
What would happen if comodo wasnt installed?
I would use this program.
Now comodo DEFENSE+ asks a “red-strange” question about this program.
Why should i block that?
(Firewall is something else. Only allow internet connection if its necessary:)

The efford is to find trusted sources.
To allow and use the program as intended is the easier part.

Defense+ is there to help you against execution of bad things.
If your program is partially bad, i would not recommend to use it at all :wink:

But sometimes there are useless and dangerous things, like printer service for a messenger… That can be blocked… As its anyway never used.

My advice:
Make sure that the program is a legit program.
Use it like it should be used.

ok, but the question was how to stop logging some D+ events. It there such possibility?

That would stop logging.
But not the “clogging”.

what “that” exactly?