How to stop Firewall main screen from showing at boot

I am running Firewall pro version Every time I boot my PC Comodp FW starts. I get the tray icon but the main firewall screen also shows…every time. I see nothing in the options to control this behavior. Does anyone know how to start the firewall so that only the tray icon displays? I searched and found several other questions about this but no solutions. One reply to another question simply said this shouldn’t happen.


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The splash screen should only appear for a couple of seconds… (On my computer I don’t even notice comodo it loads so fast)

How long is it being displayed on your system? Is this a real problem or you just being fussy (:TNG)
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Hallo johnt0244,

I guess something is interfering with cfp hiding at startup.

You cand disable cfp automatical startup unchecking Miscellaneous >settings >General tab > Automatically start the application with windows (recomended)

You could try to uncheck that option and apply the changes and then check it again and apply the changes.

This should delete and re-create the cpf command to launch it at startup.

If this doesn’t work you should close cfp by right clicking its tray icon and select exit.

Then you should locate your Comodo firewall pro shortcut on your desktop or in Comodo > Firewall start menu group

You can rightclick that icon and edit the Target field adding a space and -h at the end.

This command will launch cfp without showing the gui.

If you closed cfp you can now test if this command work properly.

If it does work you can try to disable the automatic startup in CFP miscellaneous settings and copy the edited shortcut in all users\startup program group