How to Stop Daily v. 4 popups??

I use the newest v. 3 of the firewall and am quite satisfied with it. I have no immediate intention to update to v. 4. So how do I stop the popups that appear several times daily advertising that v.4 is available on the updater??

Untick that setting in attachment?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thank you… but in doing that can I assume that I will no longer be notified of updates to V.3? In other words, will I now have to periodically check Misc >> Updates manually?

There will be no new program updates for V3. All updates are now for V4.

Does v. 4 play well with other AV products or must I also consider abandoning my faithful Avast AV software as well?

From what I’ve heard Avast works fine with V4.

I running Comodo Firewall with D+ and Sandbox both enabled alongside Avast5 Free Antivirus and am having no problems whatsoever with either one. Both update fine and I have no connectivity issues, EVER. My signature says all about my system.