How to stop Comodo pop-up message?

I have the Comodo firewall installed. About a month ago, a message kept popping up in the taskbar area saying: “Comodo Internet Security 4 is available”

This message pops up periodically and I want it to stop. How do I disable it?

All I want is the firewall part and I am under the impression that “Internet Security 4” is a firewall + anti-virus product. Is that correct? If so, then I definitely want to disable the warning.

How do I do it?

I did a search here before posting but came up with zero search results.

have you installed version 4?

and if you use another antivirus program, choose only firewall (with defense+) while installation of comodo.

OK, I went into the firewall program and clicked on “check for updates” which brought me to a Comodo download page. I downloaded just the firewall update and installed it. Maybe that will stop the message. If not I’ll come back and repost here.

What confused me was that I was not getting popup messages for the “Firewall” update, just the “Internet Security” update and I only have the firewall installed (I use another full-time anti-virus product).

Thanks for your help.

if you have problems in the future (with the new installation), maybe you should make a clean un-/reinstall of the firewall.
i never was directed to a comodo site to get an update. but this may be related to a change in version, as i think you had version 3 before.
when there is nothing about antivirus on the main page of the userinterface, you dont use the antivirus part of comodo.

(you could decide to) disable the sandbox of comodo, because you want only the firewall. but i would suggest to use the defense+ together with the wall.

I was having no problems with how Comodo was running other than the popup message, which as I said was confusing since I did not have the full Internet Security installed – just the firewall.

As for being directed to a Comodo download page, that’s what it did when I clicked in the program interface to update. It was because I had a version 3.xxxx of the firewall installed. So I guess it couldn’t update automatically. But not a big deal. I now have the version 4.x of the firewall installed and all seems to be working smoothly.

I only use the Comodo firewall. Ver: 5.10.228257.2253
My OS is WinXP.

I want to stop this constant updater popup because there is nothing useful to me in this latest revision which appears to only relate to Windows 8, so I have no need or wish to download the update.

How do I stop the popup appearing without taking the download?

Automatically check for updates