How to stop barking at everything, anything, any place and any time?

I would be here all night if i tried to explain it in full but to keep it short, Murphy barks at everything, anything, any place and any time. No point in trying to give him a command like “quiet” or “no” as he just barks even louder at you that you can’t hear yourself speak! We walk him about 2 hours per day, he also gets to play with his toys in the house all day e.g. Frisbee etc.

huh? 88)

I agree huh?

A spammer without spam ;D


The original (including all the answers). :slight_smile:

The Chinese have a definitive solution: cook him.

what do you want for the side dish sir? ;D

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Sounds like a plan.

This is how I see most dogs: if they go to the bathroom in the house, chew the furniture up, claw the wood floors, knock over things, bark at everything and everyone, and make lots of noise during the night, send him to the baker. :stuck_out_tongue: (Or griller.)

BTW…shouldn’t dog pounds produce hamburger meat? (Or maybe I should say, hot dogs?) What a waste. 88)

Aw, I though we were sending him to the Chinese like brucine suggested. :smiley: