How to stealth ports using COMODO version 3? [RESOLVED]

Hi, guys I am trying to stealth my port 80 and 443 on my computer using Comodo firewall version 3 but I can’t do it. Somebody please help me? Is there also any way that I can stealth the ports using Windows Features? Please let me know. I am using Vista and XP both.

To stealth your ports be sure your hardware firewall is configured properly if you have one. If not the open up Comodo and go to Firewall\Stealth Port Wizard. Select the option to block all incoming connections.

I live in the Philippines and connect to the internet with Smart Bro WiFi. They use Motorola Canopoy equipment. My IP address is 192.168.x.y. So i guess i am connected to a WiFi router on Smart’s premises which i have no control over (ie i cannot port forward). If i go to to check common ports only port 22 is stealth all other common ports are closed. It shows IP address as 121.1.x.y. I have used stealth wizard and chosen block all incoming connections. How do i stealth my ports?

Shields Up checks your router first. They even tell you that. You need to check your routers settings.

I don’t have a router. My LAN port connects to a box on the wall outside and then to the Canopy antenna on the roof.

Well you said you have a router.

Your IP address in the 192.168.x.x range is in what is known as a private address space. What that means, is that there is a box between you and the Internet that is doing address translation, and almost certainly performing some firewall function. When you run the stealth tests from, the tests will hit the firewall on that box, and not on your PC.

@ Vettetech I didn’t say i had a router, i said “So i guess i am connected to a WiFi router on Smart’s premises which i have no control over (ie i cannot port forward).” From what grue155 says i guess there is nothing i can do. Thanks for your help.

If the box is under someone else’s control, then what the stealth tests find is their problem, and not your problem.

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