How to Stealth All Ports

I have set the firewall to stealth all ports. Still, when I run PCFlank test, It shows ports 137, 138 & 139 as being closed but not stealthed.

Is there a reason for this? Would Comodo be blocking the ports if they were open? Is there any way of stealthing those ports?

I am not even close to being an expert in this and I find it all very confusing.

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go to TCP/IP settings in your Windows>disable ‘NETBIOS’
go to Services>disable ‘TCP/IP Netbios helper’
go to servives>disable ‘computer browser’

Thank you for the reply! Is there a reason the firewall can’t stealth those ports like the other ports and you have to modify Windows settings instead?

I just did a scan with Shields Up and it showed port 443 as being closed.
Since I chose Stealth Ports Wizard option #1 why is this so?

Most likely testing your router.

Yep. Unless you set up a DMZ in your router, ShieldsUp is never even going to see your system.

Is there advise on this for Win 7 Ultimate??

I can’t seem to find the TCP/IP setting…

One might need netbios, e.g. on a local network, where purely disabling it would not be the solution.

Netbios is for me enabled, nevertheless, the ports are stealthed (for what it might be important, closed would be enough), but i have specific firewall rules forbidding netbios if both source and destination are not the lan ip.

The router issue is not only dmz for testing purposes (on a lan, dmz is absurd, as it throws you out of every computer but the dmz one, and could somehow be amended by virtual server rules), but the firewall settings of the router itself.

in some circumstances, they are hard-coded, bad news for you if you can’t cheat the code (often base64) to re-edit the routers behavior according to your needs, but in some others, the routers interface (most often http might have settings to forbid ping, or some range of ports.

I am using the very latest version of CIS v4 :slight_smile: (downloaded latest maintenance as wel ;)), on Windows XP SP3 and yet when I use GRC shields Up it always flags up Port 0 as closed :-[ :-TD. Is there any reason as to why CIS isnt stealthing this particular port?