how to solve? CIS5.0 may lead utorrent limit with VPN !

Hi, I really like Comodo series software!

I now have a new problem with new CIS5.0.
It seems can’t work well with utorrent under VPN, the speed is limit with CIS 5.0 firewall.
if I use same VPN, windows XP, CIS 4.1 is ok.
But windows7 64bit (32), CIS5.0, if you turn on the firewall you will get very poor speed!
So I guess utorrent has some more limit.

I’ve tried many rules and config, check it again and again.
according to some post from this forum, I tried many times.
But seems none is work!
If I disable I can get normal speed.
As soon as I enable the firewall, it’s under very poor low speed!

It works ok under windows XP, but windows 7-64bit(32) didn’t, same VPN network!

I now has to disable if I need utorrent run with good speed.
or I can only get a poor spped of utorrent with VPN if I enable firewall!

Wonder why windows XP and CIS4.1 is ok, I guess some core code has some special new design
or improvement. So would you please try and find if there’s any good advice to solve it or not?
Sorry this is my new problem with CIS5.0, hope you can solve it ASAP!

May u show us some real useful steps or document for problem like this?
I really need you help!

thanks for help.

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You already have a running topic about this.