How to slim down CIS

Suppose a user excluded CAVS during installation and notices there are still references to it in both file and registry systems, how can one remove them? Suggestions to remove unused things?

Don’t try this unless you’re an extreme tweaker or clean crazed freak (:TNG):

(:s*) delete all files that contains cav or *.cav in the name
(:s*) delete the Repair folder (Diagnostics will fail, but if your PC is perfect, there shouldn’t ever be a need for it, right? Right? ;D)
(:s*) delete the Help file cfp.chm (who reads the Help file when you have the forum? Joking ;D. But if you’re an expert and know it inside out, there’s no need for it)
(:s*) delete the Updater cfpupdat.* (if you always do a clean install of new versions or manually update, no need for these)
(:s*) delete the log viewer cfplogvw.* (some people don’t even know how to check them, so why not remove something you don’t even look at (:TNG))
(:s*) delete unused Configuration files - the official way is through the Manage Configurations screen. Doing so will also clean out the associated registry keys. But of course, you must keep at least the one currently in use :P. Make sure to delete those *.cfg files in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security afterwards.

How to remove the Tip of the Day on the Summary screen?
You can’t, but you can minimize the information in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security[b]cisinfo.ini[/b]. Mine’s been down to just:


, which basically displays just a dot.

There are obviously others, but I consider them crucial.

Just a comment on this one:

At least in the previous CFP (released in May 2008) you had to keep trusted.tvl, else CFP tried to update itself just to realize that there were no new version. And voilá, the backup files return.

As for the configurations, I’ll show off by revealing that you can manually delete them from this registry path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\

I deleted 1, 2, 3 and 4. Only kept 0. This applies to full CIS though.


Ah of course, deleting the updater will keep the backup files from coming back. Then I guess you can delete the whole Repair folder. :slight_smile:

True. (:AGL)

Oh lord, here we go again lol (:CLP)


This is all that I have left:

I could also remove the theme, but you have to sacrifice a few kilobytes for a nice-looking GUI. :wink:

What things can you delete if you have full CIS installed without the Toolbar?


Pretty much everything mentioned in the first post, except the .cav stuff.


what else? :THNK

Nothing I guess, at least not anything that’ll save you many MB… (:TNG)

I’m glad there’s almost nothing to remove in the CIS folder. Non-bloated. :-TU


Just deleted first post stuff besides CAV Stuff and updater didn’t load, Had to reinstall.


It has to install kernel hooks or user-mode hooks to work 88) IMHO :a0

LOL ^^ the cleanfreaks lose their uninstaller ^^