How to skip the first mandatory scan on CIS?

How can I skip the first mandatory scan of cis when i install it?

If You have an clean installation of your OS and if You are PERFECTLY SURE aboout NO MALWARES ON YOUR COMPUTER, do it:



Then ADD Your Drivers as exceptions (in My case I add C: and D:) now make the mandatory scan. The scan will take about 2 minutes. Now (MOST IMPORTANT) goback there and REMOVE THESE EXCEPTIONS.

Credits to: CIS Orkut Community from Brazil.

If it’s running, then simply stop it. If it hasn’t run yet, then go to the AV’s Scheduled Scans and delete them (there are two I believe). But, it is strongly recommended that you do perform a full scan as CIS might not be able to function correctly or detect/halt any pre-existing infection(s).

edit: I see. The you’ve-not-done-a-full-scan (which you haven’t) yellow icon bothers you and yet the infection risk doesn’t? Oh well.

This is a tip for those, like me, who knows your pc has no malwares.

Shouldnt defense+ protect? Whatever an antivirus would be able to detect?
What would happen if the pre-existing malware is today not detected?

Sorry, I personally do not know enough to respond to such questions on the risks and probabilities of CIS being installed where pre-existing infections are present. But, I do suspect that part of the answer may well have some relevance to your last question though.

IMHO first scan can detect unknown malware by cloud analysis of unknown progs. If cloud scan is enabled.
It is always emphasized that CIS must be installed on the clean comp.
IMHO if there is suspicion that infection is present then D+ must be not in “Clean PC Mode” but in “Safe Mode” ain’t it so?

Yes. Clean PC Mode should only be used if you’re 100% certain that your PC doesn’t contain any malware.