How to share the Internet with my Network

Hello I’m using the Comodo Firewall v. 3 and I want to share my Internet ( directly connected on my first Networkcard Realtek ) with a friend who is also directly connected to my Computer ( Networkcard 2 Marvell ) I tried to add his static IP to the Network Zones under my Marvellcard and I signed Marvell as a trusted Network via Stealth Port Wizard, but its still not working… Can anybody help me please I couldnt find any Help in your Forum and on Google…
Thx E-Reg

To E-Reg,

Your post is very vague on your network architecture. But it sounds like you may have an ICS set up.
If you have an ICS setup and are using the first version of comodo 3 with a version ending in .266 or .268, stop, because ICS flat out won’t work. But ICS works fine with the newest version.

You should probably download the patch to get the .266or.268 version up to the .276 version or
just install fresh after deleting your comodo directory.

Then search fore the post help for Osage on setting up network zones by panic which is on help for V3
but may be a page or two back now. But the first mistake you may have made is to accept the network card descriptors in setting up zones. Renaming it the same on both computers is almost certainly better. Something simple like home lan will due as will a name like George or Fred.

Also make sure your sp2 firewall is disabled on both computers. And you can also set the firewall to disabled for testing if a setting like train with safe mode still blocks network traffic.

The best I can do right now, but try what I have recommended and see if it helps.