How to setup update of several computers from local drive

How to setup update of several computers from local drive rather than from internet, i.e. one computer downloads updates, the other copy tham through local network ?

thank you

You need Comodo Offline Updater for that. You can download it from: Xcitium Endpoint Security Manager - enterprisexcitium . It is at the bottom on the right hand side.

You need to change the update Url under Update Settings.

it does not install - says that installation was terminated pre-maturely and I can try later. Why the message is so unclear ???
I’ve downloaded second copy - the same result. Does it at all work under WinXP or only Vista ?

I must admit I never tried it so I am afraid I may not be of much help.

You could however try to add the installer to the BO exclusions and see if that prevents it from crashing.

I’ve switched off the function shown on the link you gave me - did not help. I suspect that the problem may be with the installation wizard - can you unpack this program so that I can download the unpacked one ?

I downloaded it. It installed without a glitch here on Win 7.

I tried unpacking it with 7zip but that did not work out. It extracted files that cannot be run.

Is this topic of help for you: Guide for Comodo Offline/Manual Update/Update without Internet?

it may be interesting but only after it installs on my WinXP…