How to setup rules in COMODO Firewall version 5.3 (for utorrent)?

Im having problems finding the appropriate guide for setting up “COMODO Firewall version 5” with utorrent.

Ive searched and searched but what I have found are guides describing some rules (for utorrent) for COMODO firewall versions 4 and below.

COMODO’s version 5’s interface is largely different from its predecessors. It is by this reason that I find it very confusing to follow such guides because Im a complete COMODO firewall newbie.

Im hoping there would be an updated and direct-to-the-point step-by-step setup guide for COMODO firewall 5.0 for newbies like me.

step1 start uTorrent
2-go to Firewall>network security policy >add> a popup window will appear
3-you will find a select button on right hand side of Application path click it> choose running process >select uTorrent from the list of running process.
4- use predefined policy > trusted

well you are done