How to setup network connection with C firewall?


I just installed Comodo firewall and I am really impressed with the user interface and ease of use.
However I cannot get it work for my network. I have 2 computers, one installed Comodo firewall and I have to create the rules before I can access the shared folders on another computer, which is fine because it is working. However I cannot figure out how to grant access for the second computer to access my shared folders in this computer (the one with comodo firewall).
The other computer has one basic windows firewall installed and the ip is and my computer is Whenever I use that computer to access the shared folders/files, it says access denied.
So my question is, how to create a rule to grant the access of the other computer (the one without comodo firewall) to access my primary computer (the one with comodo firewall)?

My questions are what version are you using and if it says “Access Denied” that would mean to me that your sharing permissions are not set properly. If you can see the network shares then it is connecting through the COMODO firewall.

Please visit for instructions as to how to add the computer to your trusted zone on COMODO if you have not done that.

cheers, rotty