How to setup Comodo Firewall's Network Moniter?

Hi I’m new to Comodo software and had just installed it. I know there is a topic on setting up a basic network monitor rules but when I install the software there is already some rules setup. Do I remover all those rules and add the onces I found here? I have 2 pc connect to a rounter and I sometimes need to transfer file from one to another pc. The default setup blocks my pc from detecting each other from the Network working. How should I setup the rules on the network monitor for a max protection and still be able to transfer files only between my pc?

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  1. default rules sufficient for most users; only need to add more rules when you encounter programs that requiring incoming ports to be opened like p2p (e.g. utorrent)
  2. to setup local network rules, go to security > tasks > wizards > define a trusted network - this will auto-create allowed rules for your trust IP range like your and the other computer and the router, etc.