How to setup CIS version 3.8 ?

ok, i’m brandspanking new here, and just spent the last 2hours searching the forums for help. What i’m in need of is step-by-step help setting up and configuring the latest version of CIS. At least, i think its the latest version as i only downloaded and installed it within the last 2 days. My full version number is 3.8.65951.477
Took me about 30minutes to realize the flash tuturial posted in the forums won’t open in Firefox and is also out of date. Its apparently an older version of CIS. So, fustrated and pulling my hair out, i decided to ask for help here. I know you guys are probably plagued by people like me and this question is the bane of your existence, but not knowing where else to turn to …
Some basics here …
*Using Windows Xp Media sp3 on a dell xps410 with 4gb of ram
*was using windows firewall only til the installation of CIS
*was using Avast as AV until installation of CIS
*was using IE until yesterday, so i’m still a little new and slow with Firefox

Basically, i’m in the process of making some major security changes to my machine. Had some tech help cleaning machine of malware and helpers informed me as to how vulnerable my pc was. Comodo was reccomended and i’d like it to be an integral part of the increased security. But I need some help setting this badboy up. Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated!

In the default mode CIS is learning a lot of rules for programs from its whitelist automatically. What problems are you bumping into?

You can take a look at the FAQ board: .

For more grip and security you can try Proactive Mode (under Miscellaneous → Manage my configuration) but it is more chatty. Not sure how much you want to play around. The Leak Testing/Attacks/Vulnerability Research board has a leaktest tool you could try to see how strong your defense is.

I’ve also got this version. It appears from posts from others with other versions that cmdagent slows the machine down and changing some CIS settings will solve this. But what are these setings for this version?