how to set up CIS with encrypted IMAP, using Thunderbird

I can’t find how to set up e-mail scanning for viruses. In my case, I use IMAP, and want the connection to the server to be encrypted. This is not about email certificates.

Anyone know how?

I have CIS 8, 30 day trial.

Not really necessary since CIS would catch the virus/malware at execution time. But if you email client supports specifying a 3rd party scanner then you can point it to “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cavscan.exe” and some parameter like “%f” or “%1”, depends on the application.

Depends on your email provider mostly. Check with your email provider, if they support it, then they probably have a guide that shows how to setup and configure the popular email clients.

Thanks aim4it,

I did not realize that Comodo would find mail programs on its own, and connect to the program instead of intercepting the data stream. Or, that my mail program, Thunderbird, had a setting for antivirus. It’s on menu tools/options, the Ant-Virus Tab. The choice is to allow quarantine fo individual incoming messages. Now I have that checked.

I think that does it! (I hope)

I do wish I had a way to know Comodo is scanning these mails. I still don’t see any mail related settings in Comodo, like ‘append scanned and found OK message to mails’. I have seen other antivirus programs appending to outgoing mails.

Now both Firefox and Thunderbird are starting in safe mode. No idea why. It’s early AM here in California. Goodnight.

Any suggestions or explanations would be welcome. Thanks!

On rebooting the PC, Thunderbird (mail program) and Firefox (browser) were no longer in safe mode.

CIS does not scan emails; it does not have an email filter. It will check file upon execution and when files get read from or written to disk.

I would not let it automatically quarantine or delete. If it would find a virus in (one of the) archive file(s) used by TB it will not quarantine or delete the complete archive file.