How to set up and run a VM?

My laptop only has 4 GB of RAM so I am not sure how to run a VM on it. Last time I tried the system was super slow and hardly worked. The VM would not even work. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

You need to provide more detail if you want some useful help!! e.g. What is you laptop OS? Which VM did you try? What OS were you running in the VM?

Some basic tips:-
You should be able to run a VM with 4Gb RAM.
VMs like VMWare, Virtual Box, Virtual PC give recommended RAM for different guest OS’s (OS’s running in the VM).
Giving the guest OS too much or too little RAM may affect performance.
You can change the amount of RAM assigned to the guest OS while it is shut down.
Each VM has additional tools (VMWare Tools, VirtualBox Guest Additions, Virtual PC Additions) which should be installed to improve performance.
Use DosBox rather than a VM if you want to run DOS programs.
None of the VMs provide 3D acceleration when running a guest Win9x/ME OS.
In my opinion, VMWare gives the best 3D acceleration for a guest WinXP. I haven’t tried Vista/7/8.

There are plenty of web sites that give step by step instructions for installing and configuring VMs. Just make sure the one you pick is current.

I have a Windows 7 64-bit host operating system. I tried a Windows 8 guest operating system with VMWare Player. Maybe will give it another try and see how it goes. Do you have any links to a good set up guide? Thanks for the answer.

A Google search on install win 8 vmware player give a few hundred thousand possibilities, the first one of which is: Google

Make sure you install VMWare Tools and enable 3D acceleration.

download vmware player. that is here. Then it will walk you through the steps. i wouldnt recommend giving your VM more than 2gb of ram, as you only have 4gb of ram. I have 8gb of ram. So to install windows 8, you would go to your iso image, or disc drive that you are installing it from and it should recognize it. VMware player has an easy install feature where you can load your user name and password and product key and then it will do all of that for you automatically. Let me know if you have any more questions. I do my youtube videos by virtualizing windows 7 to test malware. And i also test linux OS’s on my Laptop. Which I will not be testing linux anymore, as i am happy with windows.