How to set up a 'trusted' area?

First the short version: a program wants to contact another machine within a range I consider ‘trusted’, yet Comodo asks me for permission to connect to the Internet.

Now the long version :slight_smile:

Hi all, former ZoneAlarm user here. After ZoneAlarm turned into bloatware (slowing down my machine to such a level it was no longer acceptable) I had to look for something else. The Comodo firewall looks promising, but it does some weird things. Perhaps I do not understand the options well.

Here’s the problem I have. I have a home network, and I reserve the range to for my own (fixed ip) machines. This range I consider ‘trusted’.

In Comodo, I defined two zones:

  • homenet100 - range to (my personal range)
  • homenet255 - range to (broadcasting stuff, windows stuff, games)

(Yeah, I know, why not use the whole range, well, I use the range to for DHCP stuff, which basically means other people that I consider just as safe as the Internet :-))

In network monitor I added four rules:

  • accept all traffic from homenet100 to homenet100
  • accept all traffic from homenet255 to homenet255
  • accept all traffic from homenet255 to homenet100
  • accept all traffic from homenet100 to homenet255

From my understanding, this would create a ‘trusted’ network to plus

Did I get it right thus far?

Now comes the interesting part… My laptop is running Synergy (a remote control tool), and when Synergy on my main machine tries to connect to that laptop, it is asking for permission to connect to the INTERNET, but lists an IP address within the trusted range (

What am I doing wrong?

Actually, this may all be caused by something I don’t understand, and that is the exact functionality of the Network Monitor / Network Control Rules section. Who can help me out?

Okay, I think I got at least part of it, but something just doesn’t make sense. If I add zones to the ‘local’ group ie. trusted area, then why does Comodo tell me an application wants to access the INTERNET when it is part of the trusted zone? A wrongly interpreted message?

(Darn, this can’t be thus hard a question…)