How to set the “click on the link to stay on the current page”?




How to set the “click on the link to stay on the current page”?

Comodo Dragon browser is very good! But I don’t like “click on the link automatically jump to the new page”, I hope it “click on the link to stay on the current page”.

So I can open the 10 page, and then a browsing, this can reduce the waiting for every webpage open time. This is my habit of browsing, I would like to ask how to set?


If I understand correctly, you’d like to whit-list pages so that you don’t have to enable click-to-play every time you visit? If so:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Show Advanced Settings
  3. Select Privacy/Content Settings
  4. Select Plug-ins/Click-to-Play/Manage exceptions
  5. Add your site and choose your setting.


Thank you for your reply. I have carefully studied Comodo dragon browser options, but it is not this one I need.

Hi BeiJing2013,
To stop the focus shifting to the new tab the following extension should be suitable.
Tab Tweaks
Note: Browser restart required.
You may find other suitable extensions by searching the Chrome web store.

Alternatively without using an extension, simply ‘right click’ on the link and select Open link in new tab.
This will also keep the focus on the current tab.

Kind regards.

See your reply, thank you very much for your advice.

You are welcome, I hope it works as intended.


Left mouse button: Press directly link
Right mouse button: Press to open the menu
Middle mouse button(Wheel button): Press will also add new page


So a lot of the "middle mouse button (wheel button) "new paging




Many fast functions of the mouse, thank you for your reminding.