How to set new COMODO against Origin


How to set protection against Origin (or other snooping malware >:() in new Comodo Firewall v7.x, please.

This is what i found on the net (differs from earlier version):

"I’ve added the following configuration to Comodo’s Defense+ to protect against EA’s ‘spyware’ Origin application. EA have updated their user agreement to state that they do not collect personal data to sell to third-parties, however I still see access attempts to program data. This not only violates privacy, but also slows down your system immensely. Here’s a way to counter Origin snooping around your PC while adding extra protection overall.

Under Comodo’s interface, click on Defense+, select Network Security Policy, then select Groups… on the right pane.

A ‘File Groups’ window will appear, click Add > A New Group…

Choose File Group Name input ‘Program DATA’
Under this, right click and select Add…
then input the following one at a time under ‘Add new item’;
%USERPROFILE%\My Documents*|

Select OK

Then under Computer Security Policy > Protected Files and Folders select Add > File Groups > Program DATA (or whatever name you gave the group)

This should also protect against any unknown malware that attempts to access these areas. Peace of mind is everything."