how to set firefox and CF

everytime I open firefox I get a prompt for my 2 ip address’s the DNS and default gateways
I have set both these in trusted zones have set firefox as trusted program
I still get these pops
CPF is set to learn

still can’t fig out how to stop the prompts
now another issue
some other programs when open try to use OLE to access firefox when I deny access
firefox will not access the net untill I close and reload
should the OLE process be denied and the other app should be barred not firefox
other firewall (outpost)do not do this
this seems like a great firewall if you are not to busy,but I need to admin 2 websites and 5 stations
I don’t have time

Not sure about the OLE process… ??? but how is CPF configured? Which alert frequency level are you using?


object link environment OLE from windows a hook used by other programs
I’m running a program a long side CPF infoprocess anti-hook intrusion dedication
I hoped the 2 of them would get along
CF keeps reporting that this app is changing the other programs in memory
i have set antihook as a trusted program but still get this prompt
I can say without a doubt CF is doing a good job

I wish I had more time
keep up the good works
I will check back on daily basis (I hope)