How to set Comodo Firewall for VPN (licence acquiring)

I have Vista Home Basic 64bit and Comodo Firewall. I use wi-fi with no problems. But for my job I need to connect via VPN to a licence server. (IMB LUM). I configured I4LS.INI file and the licence manager sees the server but cannot aquire any licence. When I turn the firewall off I do not have such problems. The port used is 1515. How do I need to setup the firewall so it does not block acquiring the licence?

Is my problem unclear or noone knows actually how do to it?

Welcome to the forum dexx.

According to the documentation for LUM server and clients, you have to edit the i4ls.ini file on the license management server and set the ipAuthPort value to 9900.

Then you have to allow both inbound and outbound UDP ports 1515 and 9900. It also states

Let ICMP packets to and from the license management server pass through

It doesn’t however state which types of ICMP to allow…

For this you will need both Application Rules and Global Rules. The Application rules should allow UDP 1515 and 9900 OUT, but you may have to allow IN also.

The Global Rule should allow UDP 1515 and 9900 IN.

Without more information, I cannot advise you on which ICMP types to allow as there are quite a few. You could simply Allow ICMP ANY In and OUT but that’s not so good for Internet access.

Hop that helps.