How to set CIS to prevent continueous unstop pop-up ?

First of all, if I mispost in wrong forum, please forgive as do not know where this post should be classified at.

I visited a forum site that I frequent visited. That site requires Direct X and I need to use IE8 for that. I have enable pop-up blocker from IE8. For somehow foolish mistake, I misclick a link (told that to a friendster site of said forum poster). The site pop-uped. It said it is Friendster but I know it is not. I closed the IE but it pop-uped again twice. Everytime kill one and reborn two. After few tries, I know I need to restart my PC. After I restart, scan my whole PC with CIS, BitDefender Free, SUPERAntispyware and Malwarebytes, all reported clean.

My question is : how suppose I need to do the CIS setting to optimise my CIS to prevent this thing from happen.

As you know, … sometime accident might happen. Thanks in advance.