how to set any outgoing new ip request alert me


how can i set CIS to alert me on any new ip/port any trusted or what so ever software installed here to ask me to approve this access

i am using safe mode pc with “proactive” profile


Does setting the Alert Settings to very high here? Otherwise try going to Paranoid mode on top of that.

i just want to add a rule , that any new ip used by any installed software over here will make CIS pop-up an alert so i know he is trying to connect the internet in different port

and what do u mean by “oes setting the Alert Settings to very high here” where is that? in the firewall screen?


It’s in CIS > Firewall > Advance > Settings > In the next tab, you’ll see a slider, if you slide it all the way up… you’ll get a lot of alerts…


Except what previous said, make sure you set the firewall to “custom policy mode” as well, the firewall will in safe mode let “safe” applications connect the internet without a warning to you (the user).

Still did not receive a popup for some applications? well…

Also check:
firewall > advanced > Network security policy (application rules)…

Remove the rules previously made and you will receive popups for your old applications as well…

10x a lot its work :wink: , i make it also like this by adding / modify trusted applz predefine , but now i cant coz i use safe pc and exe are customize not threat as “trusted”

10x :-TU