how to set a program to run under sandbox

Some files are identified as virus or malware by some Antivirus/Antimalware programmes while several others don’t. In such cases, it is possible to run these inside a sandbox.

If so, how to set a specific program to run on sandbox? Pl guide.


Hi pscraja,

You can either run a program in the sandbox for one session or always.

On session : Defense+ > run a program in the Sandbox > select > browse to the exe of the program you want sandboxed. The run as and choose the level of restriction you want.

Always : Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Always Sandbox > add >select > browse to the exe of the program you want sandboxed > choose the restrictions and advanced settings you want.

You will find more information about the manual Sandbox here : Internet Security Run Program, One-Off Programs | Internet Security v5.9/5.10

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions.