How to see CFW logs and A question about configuration activation.

Hello comodo lovers;
Is Comodo FW logs all net activities? If so how i can see the logs?
Or it just shows logs of “blocked” “asked” events like on following pic.

And my 2nd question is, how i can enable firewall and proactive defense configuration in the same time.
I mean exactly asked also here:;msg505903#msg505903


Hi jumiathi,

When there is an attempt to connection not matching the rules, the FW alerts the user and there is an entry in the FW events.
If you want a log when a rule is fired, you must edit that rule and check “log as a firewall event if the rule is fired”.

As concern the configuration, it is one at a time. You’ll have here
all the explanations you need.


Thank you for your reply Boris,

But i couldn’t found how to activate multiple configuration at the same time from your link.


Hi jumiathi,

as I said in my previous answer it is one configuration or another. You can not have multiple configurations at the same time. You have to choose one, hence my link explaining each configuration.


But it’s strange for me, i use firewall as well as defense+ (isn’t proactive security mean defense+ ?), so i should activate firewall’s configuration as well as defense+ configuration.


if Defense+ is set to ON, then both Firewall and Defense+ are active.


After selecting a predefined configuration, you can tweak it following your wishes by :

  • selecting a different level of security for Defense+ and/or FW
  • adding or removing groups in the protected registry keys, files & folders and/or COM interfaces in defense+ computer security policy
  • selecting more or less items in defense+ settings
  • selecting more or less items in FW behavior settings > advanced
  • choosing a specific level of alert settings in FW behavior settings
  • making your own rules in the FW or keeping the default rules if FW under custom policy rules
  • making your own rules for applications in defense+
  • etc

The link I provided you in a previous answer not only give you the explanation for the preset configuration’s options, but gave you access to the user’s manual. I invite you to read it to become more familiar to CIS.


Ok Boris, thank you for your anser again :).