How to schedule a weekly image backup of a drive?

Howdy all,
How can I set up Comodo Backup to do a weekly image backup of a hard drive?
I was using Windows Backup to do this but want to give Comodo a try.


Please launch COMODO Backup then click the "Backup" button from the left side. 

In “Step1: What to backup”, select “Disk, Partitions and MBR” from “Backup Source”,
select the partition/disk from the “Source items”, select “CBU file” from “Backup
Format” then click “Next” to go to the next step. In “Step2: Backup Destination”, select
the destination for your backup file, click the clock button from the lower right corner
of the window in order to reach the Schedule screen. Set the “Frequency” to “Weekly”,
set the value for “Time” and check the days when the backup should execute. Click the
“Save Schedule” button to save your schedule.

Thank you for your support !

Thank you very much for the reply!