How to save on hdd all application rules


I were lookin of forum, but didnt find any topic about this (if there is the same topic like my im sorry :frowning: )

I got this problem… I wanted to format my hdd, but first I wanted to save somewhere my application rules, because i dont want to define them all again after format…

How to save them in ComodoFirewall?

Thx in advance

Hey swinka,

Follow this link to a custom batchfile/script you can download and run, to save all CFP’s settings - all the Monitors, and any advanced settings you changed.,2366.0.html

I think it’s spelled out in there, but just to make sure, you will need to do two things prior to exporting the registry settings.

  1. Set the Security Level to Allow All
  2. Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, and uncheck the box, “Protect own registry settings.” OK.

Then you can run the script to create the backup registry file.

Once you reinstall, you’ll need to do those two steps, then double-click the backup registry file you’ve created and saved. That will reinstall all those settings. Then turn the Security Level back to Custom, and in Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, recheck Protect own registry settings."

That’s it. Version 3 should have an export feature built in, I believe.