How to save downloaded update files and update my other system

Comodo Installer is a small installer (CIS 2011 48 MB), but the first update takes a lot of time specially on slower networks (112MB).
I downloaded CIS from Friend’s system with broadband internet and we both installed it (I copied it on to my USB Pendrive and installed on my PC). We updated his system online, now is there any possibility that I can use the same downloaded updates using my pendrive.

I read some posts (may be old) which ask me to go to safe mode, replace the default .cav file, which seems like an unofficial hack, besides, it is what I need to do every day or two since I do not have internet.

Can some body suggest a better (Official) way of doing this, without hacking anything or screwing anything up.

Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

You can follow the link in this post to download the latest antivirus bases.

Works well, but needs a restart and the process is very curde.

There still does not seem to be a word on this, We need to address this issue before the next major version release. The ability to store and distribute update manually would greatly enhance the usability of the product, specially in cases of low bandwidth and no internet connectivity.

Please consider this issue seriously…

I created a separate topic with poll for this so discontinuing this for now.;new#new