How to save and load my firewall and hips application rules

I want to delete cis and install firewall only but I don’t know how to keep all the settings and rules and move it to the firewall installation. And also I’m not sure if there are hips rules in the firewall or are there just firewall settings?
I tried to export and import the configuration, but I currently have the CIS configuration filled with all the firewall and hips rules, firewall configuration is clean. Can I import firewall and hips settings from the CIS configuration file somehow? Or how do I do this? All these Comodo things are such a mess…

Is it that nobody knows the answer or is it me asking in a wrong section??? :slight_smile:

When you export the CIS configuration, it exports the entire config. I’m not aware of a method to export just the Firewall or HIPS rules.

You could try exporting the CIS config, uninstalling CIS, installing the Firewall only and then re-import the exported config.

At best, it will ignore any AV settings when importing into the Firewall only install.

If this method doesn’t work, you could reinstall CIS, import the exported config (so you are back at square 1) and then disable the AV (which I assume is your desired outcome).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

No, I already have the antivirus disabled and I don’t like how it now looks. This thing thinks it knows better what is good and I don’t want the antivirus to show me its opinion, so I want to delete this configuration and use only the firewall.