How to Safely use Limewire Pro

Okay, I found this on the Comodo forums I was wondering if this was correct. I want to use Limewire but, I want to have a safe connection and I dont want people connecting to me to download from me.

1)allow/tcp&udp/in/any/any/any/Limewire’s incoming port (most likely 39980)

You dont need special rules for Limewire cause it already allows for firewall configuration. If you open up Limewire simply click dont share folders. You dont need Comodo for this. I have been download music for years. Your also better off using Frostwire which is Limewire Pro for free. Did you buy Limewire Pro?

Nope. Well, I made sure my comodo settings were intact.

Folder Sharing is off.

My Firewall keeps creatin alerts based off those settings, P2P is so messy.

I had two files I didnt even download.

get ip filter! block all spammers.

Excuse me? IP Filter? What is that and what would I use that for? :THNK