How to run scheduled backups if no user logged in.

Hi all!
I’m trying Comodo backup software.
There’s something for me that is not clear…
After scheduling a backup, do I have to let the software turned on and running in background, or can I shut it down? …so that it can run the scheduled backup?


Hi dario

When Comodo backup installs it installs as a service and will not need to be turned on for it to run the schedule. It appears that some have had trouble with the schedule not running although I have not. If you have trouble and the schedule will not run for you post back and someone here can possibly give you some help.

Hope it works as well for you as it does for me.


Unfortunately my scheduled backup did not run! :frowning:

…I can se the CmdBkSvc.exe running on the Task Manager window, but no backup happened!

Hi dario

With the service running, lets check on some other settings that are in Comodo Backup. When you first open Backup do you see at the top left “service state: Running”? If so open to edit one of your backup profiles and see if “Active Backup” is checked at the top right. Also check to see if your backup type is “Service Backup”. This has not really mattered in the past but possibly was changed in the latest version. Under the Destination tab see if you have checked “create destination folder if it does not exist”. Under the schedule tab be sure you have “select day only” checked (or select month only) with check marks in the appropriate days (or months) and the time set for the backup to run.
I may be over simplifying this but I want you to try the settings that are working for me. If this does not run the scheduled backup then I think the developers may have to get involved.

Let me know how it turns out for you


Thank you! It was the type: “user backup” instead of “service backup”!! :slight_smile:
Now I have a new problem:;msg91251#msg91251