how to run freenet through firewall?

i did install freenet from

basicaly they say “You can normally access it by going to (if Freenet is running).”
so i did allow all freenet files with a full trust app rule for in and out (just to test)
but comodo firewall still seems to block freenet
if i turn the firewall off it is conecting, if i turn the firewall on it stops working, even if i gave full trust

does any one know how i can permit freenet oder udp ?
which app rule or global rule or firewall settings do i need?

maybe its also important to say, i use the last comodo firewall 5 because the newer version with this new design looks so bad as no other application i ever saw before, silly iPhone design ;(

Do you have Enable alerts for loopback enabled?

I have a global rule to allow all loopback in and out. I have a rule to alow all freenet files in and out and I have enabled alerts for every thing including loopback connections

If I disable the firewall it works and if I enable the firewall it works not.

I think I permitted now everything, according to my rules the firewall is like disabled at all. But something keeps blocked, if I disable the firewall (not shutting it down but only disabling) it works. It looks like the firewall is blocking something even if I allow everything by rules and whatever it is if I disable the firewall it works and seems to be realy disabled. I did also allow fragmented packets and such. Its really curious

I already had similar problems with a other application Maxima a math application… It was exactly the same problem. The application did not work regardless of what I did permit, but as soon I turned the firewall of it did work. And Maxima is not even connecting to the internet.

Until now freenet and maxima are the only applications which seem to be totally incompatible with comodo firewall regardless of any rule I apply to them. All other applications are more or less easy to manage but now I know two which doesn’t work at all as long the firewall is enabled

Curious thing ;(

I added punctation to your post. It lacks capitals at the beginning, not all sentences were ended with a period and first person I was written small. It is not easier to read for me. Eric

Could you please post screenshots of your Global Rules, Application Rules, Firewall logs and of your Advanced Firewall settings?